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Monolith SPE Micropipette Tips

Millennial Scientific introduces NanoPak-C monolith solid phase extraction (SPE) micropipette tips. The

pipette tips are packed using NanoPak-C reverse-phase spherical microbeads chained into a continuous three-dimensional network to form a monolith structure. The tips are suitable for applications processing small or limited volumes of analytes. It can be used in any workflow or method with manual, semi-automated, or fully automated liquid handling systems. The products complement the extraction dispersive SPE micropipette tip portfolio.


  • Glue-free manufacturing process allows the same crosslinker that binds the carbon materials into NanoPak-C spherical microbeads further to chain each microbead into a continuous three-dimensional network. No use of glue prevents contamination of the analyte.

  • Ideal for trap and guard solid phase micro-extractions. Trap SPE micropipette tips concentrate or purify an analyte during sample preparation. First, a micropipette tip is packed with NanoPak-C all carbon stationary phase material. Next, optimal conditions are identified to separate the target compound to retain (trap) the analyte onto the stationary phase material from the rest of the sample matrix. At the same time, the rest of the sample matrix flows through. Finally, the trapped analyte is eluted out.

Conversely, a guard SPE micropipette tip retains the impurities and suspended solids onto the stationary phase material and prevents them from reaching expensive analytical equipment.

  • Consistent robust extraction and concentration of biomacromolecules. The continuous 3D network of NanoPak-C All Carbon microbeads allows a compactly packed uniform bed. Thus, rapid, efficient adsorption and elution of the analyte with minimal sample loss. (e.g., peptides, proteins, antibodies) from small or limited sample volumes (micro- to pico-liters) before introducing them into the analytical equipment (e.g., mass spectrometers or Liquid chromatography instruments).

  • Employs sustainable materials. Similar to other NanoPak-C products, the monolith SPE micropipette tips can be sterilized, reused, and manufactured using degradable or recyclable materials, improving sustainability. It advances our commitment to developing eco-friendly solutions for single-use products used in chromatography and allied fields without compromising performance.

NanoPak-C Monolith SPE Micropipette Tips Options

  • 1 mL micropipette tips packed with 30 mg or 50 mg bed weights of all carbon microbead media.

  • 200 µL micropipette packed with 6 or 10 mg of all carbon microbead media.

  • SPE micropipette tips can be custom manufactured with other media chemistries (average microbead diameter 10 or 40 µm) and packed into 10 µL, 200 µL or 1 mL micropipette tips at 1 µg -100 mg bed weights.

For more information or to request samples, please email us at, call us at 855 388 2800 or fill in our online form.


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