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We help partners solve complex separation challenges to advance drug discovery

Separate the Unseparatable

All Carbon separation media gives you the competitive advantages of unhindered discovery at extreme pHs and seamless scalability. NanoPak-C all carbon stationary phase media removes hundles in the separation of novel drug candidates hitherto not possible due to practical technical challenges to unlock the potential of groundbreaking pharmaceuticals to advance healthcare.  

World Class Expertise

Our team of world-class scientists collaborates with academic institutions, established pharmaceutical companies or emerging companies that may not have access to cutting edge separation technologies. Our team works closely with our partners at every step of the drug discovery process from sample preparation, discovery research, to pilot and commercial manufacuturing. Our partners benefit from the power of Millennial's customizable all carbon technology to obtain options in the high performance separate and identity of lead candidates in a high throughput manner. Once lead candidates are identified, the same method can be adapted during scale up.

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