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All-Carbon Chromatography Materials 

Next Generation Separation and Purification

Millennial Scientific's NanoPak-C suite of uniquely all-carbon reverse phase chromatography materials were recognized at PittCon 2020 as a groundbreaking new technology "projected to have great impact on the industry and society". 

Our fabrication technology connects carbon sources, including carbon nanomaterials, to form spherical carbon microbeads. With excellent mechanical stability and durability at high temperatures and across all pHs, our products open new avenues to develop scalable, high-performance solutions to pharmaceutical separation and purification challenges. 

  • highly differentiated

  • customizable

  • multi-functional

Millennial Scientific leverages our proprietary Nano-Materials and manufacturing processes to develop next-generation nano-products for purification, and pharmaceutical delivery, serving underserved or unserved Life and Bio Science market segments.  We partner and collaborate to create customized solutions that solve existing pain points or add value to customers within and outside the Life and BioScience space.

Developers of Groundbreaking

Advanced Nano-Materials

and Nano-Platforms

NanoPak-C Features

  • 75, 40, 10, 5, 3, 1.5 µm bead sizes

  • pH stable 0-14

  • Temperatures to 100°C

  • Uniform particle distribution

  • Controllable pore size & porosity

  • Functionalizable

  • Fully scalable from analytical to prep

Advantages of All-Carbon

  • Efficient separation of large molecules, highly polar & closely related structures at extreme pHs

  • Improved removal of nuisance compounds & impurities

  • Enhanced durability reduces operation and maintenance costs

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