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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

General FAQs

What Sets NanoPak-C Apart?

NanoPak-C’s product features, customer benefits, and underlying manufacturing technology sets it apart. You can read about it here.


What are the features of NanoPak-C All Carbon microbeads?

pH stability 0-14; Temperature stability up to 200°C; Tunable particle size, pore size & porosity; Functionalizable; Fully scalable from analytical to prep. You can read about it here.


Why All-Carbon?

All Carbon stationary phase materials’ differentiated characteristics provide unique benefits to separation science. This blog elaborates further.

What are your core products?

We offer products for entire drug discovery R&D and manufacturing workflow. These products include bulk media, solid phase extraction, flash, analytical, and preparative chromatograph products. Please click here for our current product offerings. 


Can the NanoPak-C products be customized?

Yes. We partner and collaborate to create customized solutions. We elaborate here.

Can your products be upscaled?

Yes. We offer products for process scale sample preparation and chromatography. Please check here.


Which are your top markets & customers?

Pharmaceutical & Biologics manufacturers and CROs; Food & Beverage; Forensics and Environmental testing labs; Academia & Government Institutions.


How do we order your products?

For detailed information on any product, its application, & pricing, please visit or contact us at

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