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NanoPak-C  Monolith SPE Micro-Pipette Tips

NanoPak-C Monolith SPE Micro-Pipette Tips

  • Introductory 20% off & free shipping
  • Same-day or next-day delivery for Long Island and Tri-State Area
  • Employs Monolith SPE principles
  • Micro-purify and extract femtomole (fmol) to picomole (pmol) quantities of analytes 
  • Suitable for sample preparation of small molecules, peptides, protein, RNA, DNA before chromatography, mass spectrometry, and PCR
  • Available in 1 mL & 200 uL tip volume, 96 quantity. Use the drop-down menu to bed weights

Key Features

Benefits to Customers

Monolith - compactly packed uniform beds with no voiding and channeling effects

•Optimal and reproducible extraction of analytes improving quality control  & regulatory compliance, & increasing chromatographic systems lifetime

high throughput, low solvent

     usage, reduced sample processing time


•Reduces workflow time, solvent consumption

•Reduces costs in operations & maintenance due to improved  productivity & reduction in consumables

Reusable and recyclable materials 

•Promotes sustainability

•Can be cleaned & sanitized with alkaline washes & reused