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Microcentrifuge Tube Rack

Microcentrifuge Tube Rack

$59.00 Regular Price
$14.75Sale Price

- Autoclavable, White Color, 500 Qty

- Research Consumable

-75% off 

Key Features

Benefits to Customers

Ergonomic design

Allows easy removal and insertion of tubes.

Universal design

Permits placement of 0.5 mL, 1mL, and 2 mL microcentrifuge tubes

Rack connects on each side

Allows attachment of several racks for larger experiments

Unbreakable, non-toxic, resistant to biological fluids, most acids, alkalis, and organic solvents

Eliminates or mitigates hazardous exposure due to broken glass or chemical or biochemical.

High surface transparency and graduations marks

Simple visual checks of the volume to aid error-free pipetting


Permits use in aseptic environments

Numbered holes

Allows easy sample identification

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