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Millennial Scientific Announces Japanese Patent on Microbead Synthesis Technology

Millennial Scientific is pleased to announce that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the Japanese Patent Office for its patent application “A Process for Synthesis of Carbon Beads,” PCT Patent Application, International Application Number WO 2021/178338 A1 (2021).

The Notice of Allowance is a formal notification indicating that the examination of the invention has been completed by the Japanese Patent Office and is allowed for issuance as a patent. The Company’s attorney will complete documentation and submit fees for formally issuing the Japanese patent.

“This is another major milestone for our advanced materials and manufacturing technology and further validates our intellectual property strategy. Expanding patent protection into major advanced materials markets such as Japan further increases the value of our microdroplet-based material synthesis platform for our Company,” said Balaji Sitharaman, Ph.D., President of Millennial Scientific. “

This technology allows liquids to be precisely manipulated at the microscale, potentially enabling the production of microbeads with physical properties tailored to specific purposes. We highly value this patent's broad protection as we advance our R&D and product development goals,” Said Michael Parente, co-inventor. "We are currently demonstrating the potential of our platform to produce microbeads tailored to the demanding field of chemical chromatography. However, the patent allows broad protection to synthesize tailored carbon microbeads for applications ranging from pharmaceutical separation and purification to energy storage and drug delivery." He added.

The patent covers composition, method, and utility. Its term is 20 years, excluding any patent term adjustments or extensions that may provide additional protection. The Company has also filed corresponding patent applications in the US, Europe, China, South Korea, and India.

Here are a few References Related to the Patent and Our Technology

1.     M. Parente & B. Sitharaman, A Process for Synthesis of Carbon Beads, PCT Patent Application,

International Application Number WO 2021/178338 A1 (2021).

2.     M. Parente and B. Sitharaman, Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Microbeads, ACS Omega, 8, 37, 34034–34043, 2023.

3.     Greater Mastery Over Microbead Manufacture, Scientific American, 2024.


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