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Scientific American Highlights All Carbon Microbead Technology

Scientific American highlighted our core microfluidics microdroplet-based flow chemistry technology. The article distills the significance and broader impact of our recently published ACS Omega article in layman’s terms for a broader audience.

Millennial Scientific's custom materials discovery and manufacturing technology employs:

  • Unique combination of materials; something not previously possible.

  • Generation of a library of materials in our proprietary, sustainable, safe, and cost-effective microdroplet-based setup that allows seamless scalability to continuous and distributed manufacturing processes.

The Scientific American articled focused on synthesis of highly differentiated all carbon microbead synthesized employing this technology. These materials underpins our current suite of reverse phase liquid chromatography media of small molecule compounds and biologics. products for drug discovery R&D, and manufacturing.

Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the US and the leading authoritative publication for science and technology in the general media. Together with and 14 local language editions around the world it reaches more than nine million readers.

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