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Novel Sustainable Fritless SPE Columns

Millennial Scientific launches novel sustainable NanoPak-C All Carbon fritless solid phase extraction (SPE) columns.

Features include:

  • Highly differentiated manufacturing technology.

  • Robust high throughput, consistent extraction.

  • Reusable and recyclable materials that promote sustainability

Highly differentiated manufacturing technology. Conventional SPE columns comprise loose media

powder sandwiched between two frits. These porous frits have pore sizes smaller than the media’s but sufficiently large to allow liquid to flow through them. Commercially-available fritless SPE products trap the media powder within a porous frit made of polyethylene (PE) or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymers. Thus, these products are not genuinely fritless. Millennial Scientific’s technology obviates the need for porous frits. Instead, its manufacturing process allows the same crosslinker that binds the carbon materials into NanoPak-C spherical microbeads further to chain each microbead into a continuous three-dimensional network.

Robust high throughput consistent extraction. NanoPak-C fritless SPE improves performance by solving common technical issues related to the loose packing of the media powder into traditional SPE columns. These issues include:

  • Buckling of the packed bed during manufacturing or shipping creates a gap between the media bed and frits or reduces the bed volume.

  • Creation of hollow air pockets or voids in the packed media.

  • Generation of channels or open pathways created through the bed.

All these issues lead to variability in packing, reduced analyte recovery reduction, and inconsistent extraction results.

The continuous 3D network of NanoPak-C All Carbon microbeads allows a compactly packed uniform bed. Thus, improved mass transfer kinetics, and efficient adsorption, can be achieved by employing low bed weight. Consequently, the following performance gains can be realized:

  • Optimal and reproducible extraction with no voiding and channeling effects.

  • Improved productivity due to process optimization (high throughput, low solvent volumes, reduced sample processing time).

Reusable and recyclable materials that promote sustainability. Traditional SPE columns are single-use products, often manufactured using unsustainable materials that cannot be reused, degraded, or recycled. All carbon fritless SPE columns can be sterilized and reused and are manufactured using degradable or recyclable materials, improving sustainability.

NanoPak-C Fritless SPE Options

  • 1 mL SPE columns packed with 10 mg, 30 mg, or 50 mg bed weights of all carbon microbead media.

  • 3 mL SPE columns packed with 30 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg bed weights of all carbon microbead media.

  • Media options include all carbon reverse-phase micrographite media that retains large macromolecules, non-polar, and polar & compounds at extreme pH and high temperatures.

For more information or to request samples, please email us at, call us at 855 388 2800 or fill in our online form.


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