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NanoPak-C Fritless SPE Column

NanoPak-C Fritless SPE Column

- Truly Fritless technology. Other fritless SPE products use porous frits.

- Facilitate robust high throughput consistent extraction. Solves issues such as suboptimal packing, channeling, and voiding within a loosely packed powder media bed of traditional frit-based SPE products.

- Promote sustainability. Can be sterilized and reused with degradable or recycled components, improving sustainability.

- Introductory 20% off & Free Shipping

Key Features

Benefits to Customers

Fritless - compactly packed uniform beds with no voiding and channeling effects

•Optimal and reproducible extraction of analytes improving quality control  & regulatory compliance, & increasing chromatographic systems lifetime

high throughput, low solvent

     usage, reduced sample processing time


•Reduces workflow time, solvent consumption

•Reduces costs in operations & maintenance due to improved  productivity & reduction in consumables

Reusable and recyclable materials 

•Promotes sustainability

•Can be cleaned & sanitized with alkaline washes & reused

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