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R&D 100 Awards Honor Millennial Scientific Innovation

Millennial Scientific's solid phase extraction (SPE) product NanoPak-C - Electrochemically-Controlled Solid Phase Extractor is a recipient of the 2023 R&D 100 Award in the Analytical/Test category. The prestigious awards have a history of honoring excellence in technology innovations. The awards identify and celebrate the top technology products and services that are or will make a difference in our everyday lives.

The NanoPak-C-SPE's technology alters the analyte's retention on an electrically conductive stationary phase by applying a potential voltage (Eapp). Tweaking this voltage manipulates the electrically conductive stationary phase material's interfacial properties (e.g., surface charge and oxidation state). This capability theoretically allows the stationary phase's composition to be tuned before or during the separation procedure, thus modulating the interactions between the stationary phase and analytes.

Limited and small-volume complex biological sample processing is routine in the growing fields of natural product drug discovery and multi-omics. The sample extract's complexity

from various sources (e.g., cell, tissue, plant) makes sample processing a crucial cog in the pre-analytical workflow. The challenges with current SPE products for next-generation discovery R&D in these diverse fields include being unsuitable for more than single-use, not durable upon repeated use, and suboptimal performance. These technical issues directly affected (increased) the operational costs to manufacture the product and decreased margins.

Millennial Scientific offers a suite of NanoPak-C SPE columns, cartridges, and pipette tips that address some of these challenges. The electrochemically-controlled SPE technology's innovative features, conceived as disruptive improvements, address all these challenges. It allows tunable selective extraction of aromatic or charged small or large molecules. These molecules could be bioactive compounds or interfering nuisance compounds. Thus, it could be used as a trap or guard cartridge. Further, our product is low-cost, reusable, requires minimal reagents, and allows high throughput, efficient analyte extraction, and pre-fractionation. Additional features include facile interfacing of fractionated samples to various chromatography units or detectors.

"We are honored that this award recognizes NanoPak-CE-SPE, our next-generation solid phase extraction technology," said Dr. Balaji Sitharaman, President of Millennial Scientific. "This is our first step towards our overarching goal to develop a suite of chromatography products based on the electrochemically modulated liquid chromatography (EMLC) principle. This recognition attests to our cutting-edge innovative R&D and product development and its potential scientific, societal, and commercial impact."

Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards program, widely known as the "Oscars of Invention," has identified and celebrated the top 100 revolutionary technologies of the past year. Past R&D 100 Awards recipients include established Fortune 500 companies, federally funded research institutions, academic and government labs, and smaller companies. Their leading products, technologies, and services will make a difference in a wide range of industries and represent a bright future for science and innovation in the years to come.

The 100 awards winners will be presented by R&D World Magazine at a banquet in November this year.

Read more about the awards.

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