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Developers of Groundbreaking

Cutting-Edge Sustainable Materials &Manufacturing 

  • Highly differentiated.

  • Customizable.

  • Multi-functional.

We discover & manufacture custom sustainable materials in a continuous stream of tiny microdroplets, a safe, eco-friendly, & more cost-effective process than traditional industrial methods.


We quickly generate a library of materials in these microdroplets & iterate to identify the best candidates for a particular application. 

Urgent, Unmet, & Growing Needs Current Focus

Advancing Chemical &

Biochemical Separation 

Chromatography materials.

Facilitate economical and better chemical and biochemical extraction, separation, filtration, and purification.


These ubiquitous & critical processes impact affordable access to food, water, medicines, & other essentials. Read More about why now & our impact.


Our chromatography materials recognized by PittCon Today Excellence, & R&D 100 Awards as a groundbreaking new technology "projected to have a great impact on the industry and society."

We partner & collaborate with underserved or unserved customer across industries.

  •   Create customized solutions that solve existing separation challenges & pain points.

  •   Add value by unlocking efficiencies while reducing maintenance and operational costs.

Bottom-up, High Performance, & Cost-Effective
Innovative & Distinct Approach 

  • Bottom up material synthesis; Controlled assembly of atoms, molecules as building blocks into the final product.

  • Allows novel compositions, functions, performance improvement & cost reductions.

  • Moves away from one-shoe-fit-all and piecemeal solutions by offering groundbreaking capabilities integrated across:

    • Samples sizes (limited to large volumes).

    • Workflows (initial sample preparation to final purification).

Discovery, R&D, Testing & Manufacturing
Top Markets & Customers 

  • Pharmaceuticals -Small molecule & Biologics.

  • Biotechnology.  

  • Food, Agricultural, & Beverage. 

  • Environmental and Forensic.      

  • Metals & Radioisotopes.


All-Carbon Materials for Reverse Phase

& Hydrophobic Interaction Liquid Chromatography

  • Excellent mechanical stability.

  • Durability at high temperatures and across all pHs. 

  • Scalable, high-performance reverse phase and hydrophobic interaction chromatography.    

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  • Ligands on the microbeads’ surface facilitate affinity or ion exchange chromatography.

  • Underlying carbon composition allows reverse phase or hydrophobic interaction chromatography. 

  • Multimodal (also known as mixed-mode) chromatography.

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Functionalized Carbon Materials for Multimodal Liquid Chromatography


Electrically Conducting Carbon Materials for Electrochemically Modulated Liquid Chromatography 

  • externally applied (Ea) voltage tweaks the electrically- conductive all-carbon material's interfacial properties (e.g., surface charge).

  • efficient, repetitive, selective separation of charged analytes.

  • Multimodal chromatography.

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