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NanoPak-C All Carbon Technology International PCT Patent Application Published

Millennial Scientific is pleased to announce the publication of the international patent cooperation treaty (PCT) Patent application for its core NanoPak-C all-carbon microbead technology platform. The patent (WO2021178338 - A process for the synthesis of carbon beads) disclosures cover the composition of the carbon microbeads employing carbon materials such as graphite, graphene, carbon nanotubes, and fullerene as starting material. It also includes microfluidic processes to synthesize carbon microbeads and potential applications.

“The publication of our PCT patent application is a culmination of our research and development efforts. It is a significant step to protect the innovative and novel technology that distinguishes us from the current state of the art,” said Michael Parente, Scientist, and co-inventor. “We are pleased to announce the publication of the patent application formally," added Balaji Sitharaman, Ph.D., president, and co-inventor. "We continue to advance our highly differentiated NanoPak-C chromatography and allied products portfolio based on this proprietary technology to solve the unserved and underserved separation and purification challenges.”

The application filed with the PCT receiving office at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) allows Millennial Scientific to file patent applications to seek protection for the claims disclosed in most major market countries worldwide.

For more information on our all-carbon microbead technology and products, please email us at, call us at 855 388 2800 or fill in our online form.


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