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Millennial Scientific Presents at Purify 2022 Chromatography Conclave

Millennial Scientific will participate and present a talk titled "Carbon and Chromatography" at the Purify 22 Chromatography Conclave on Thursday, April 7th at ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad, India. The presentation will highlight recent results and advances of NanoPak-C all-carbon microbead, the award-winning stationary phase material that underpins all its products.

The Purify conclave is the only forum in Asia for scientists from academia and industry to exchange and present ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge development in separation science.

Presentation Title. Carbon and Chromatography

Presenter. Balaji Sitharaman, Ph.D.

Present Talk Titled Carbon and Chromatography
Millennial Purify22

Abstract. Synthetic graphitic carbon and bonded silica stationary phase materials are the earliest studied media for reverse-phase liquid chromatography. This presentation highlights recent developments in carbon-based stationary phase media using natural graphite as the starting material. First, an overview and unique capabilities of this material’s synthesis platform will be depicted. Next, a summary of fundamental physicochemical properties of the natural graphitic carbon-based stationary phase media will be presented. Further, its differentiation over the current state-of-art reverse phase chromatography media will be elucidated. Finally, performance studies characterizing key properties will be presented.

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