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Millennial Scientific Awarded U.S. General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule Contract

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Millennial Scientific a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. This award provides Millennial Scientific expedited access to tap into a large customer base. It allows the company to showcase its products and services in the more than $6 trillion Federal government contracting market. Government customers and federal agencies can now easily purchase its chromatography products and services through the GSA Schedule for their sample preparation, separation, and purification needs.

GSA Schedules, the acquisition arm of the GSA, increase the efficiency of the federal procurement process by streamlining the purchasing process. Through GSA Schedule contracts, companies such as Millennial Scientific can sell products and services to all federal agencies and specific state and local agencies. Millennial Scientific applied and met all the requirements to be a GSA Schedule contractor and sell to the government at all levels. Government buyers can now access Millennial Scientific products and services through GSA Advantage! the government's premier online shopping superstore.

"The GSA MAS award is an important milestone for us. It provides greater access to government channels. Millennial Scientific is well positioned to provide our innovative products and solutions to these government customers," said Balaji Sitharaman, Ph.D., president of Millennial Scientific.

The company underwent a rigorous application process to qualify for GSA approval. Contractors selling through the GSA contract are carefully vetted beforehand and must have a proven track record within their industry. This vetting process ensures that their services and products meet the highest standards. The GSA Multiple Award Schedule also provides a competitive advantage in the government sector since terms and conditions, including pricing and warranties, are already agreed upon.

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Dr. Balaji Sitharaman, President, Millennial Scientific,

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