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All Carbon Solid Phase Extraction Columns Launched

Millennial Scientific is excited to introduce the launch of its new line of NanoPak-C All Carbon media packed Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) columns. The products are available in standard SPE column, and Maxiclean column formats. They are suitable for a variety of analytes and matrices. The SPE Columns are carefully packed with the 40 um spherical all carbon microbeads with optimal size distribution. The spherical microbeads facilitate optimal sample diffusion enhancing flow efficiency and deter clogging. The products, manufactured under the highest quality standards, assure enhance the rigor and reproducibility during the sample preparation of many biological, pharmaceutical, forensic and environmental applications. These attributes deliver consistent high performance in the removal of nuisance compounds & impurities hitherto challenging with the irregularly shaped silica SPE media. Further, it is well known that all carbon graphite media retains large molecules, highly polar & closely related structured compounds at extreme pH and high temperatures. Taken together, these benefits also reduce sample sizes without affecting recovery efficiency, decrease solvent usage, analytical costs and processing times. Further, these products are reusable and scalable bringing down operation and maintenance costs.

For more details, order and pricing information, please visit product e-store.

The products are also available on


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