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NanoPak-C SPE Cartridge

NanoPak-C SPE Cartridge

- COVID 19 Research Consumable

- Introductory 20% off & Free Shipping

Key Features

Benefits to Customers

Porous Carbon Network allows separation of large  molecules, highly polar and  closely related structures at  extreme pHs

• Facilitates Better removal of nuisance compounds and  impurities improving quality control  & regulatory compliance, and increasing chromatographic systems lifetime

Uniquely Bioinert properties increase column stability and durability at all pHs and high temperatures (up to 90°C)

• Reduces workflow time, solvent consumption

• Reduces Costs in operations and maintenance due to improved  productivity and reduction in consumables

• Can be cleaned and sanitized with alkaline washes and reused

Fully scalable

• Suitable for sample preparation for analytical and preparative chromatography

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