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New Carbon Affinity Chromatography: Multimodal & Customizable Media

Millennial Scientific introduces NanoPak-C carbon microbeads functionalized with epoxides. These novel materials enable ligand immobilization to facilitate the creation of customized multimodal affinity separation and purification media for pharmaceutical and diagnostics research and development applications.

The multifunctional carbon affinity media provide:

  • A versatile platform to couple or bind a wide variety of ligands or antigens onto its surface.

  • Multimodal (also known as a mixed-mode) chromatography capabilities.

The target molecule interacts with the carbon microbeads through multiple interaction mechanisms. The ligands and antigens on the microbeads’ surface facilitate affinity chromatography. In addition, the underlying carbon composition allows a hydrophobic (HIC) interaction chromatography mechanism. Together, these multimodal mechanisms allow separation capabilities not exhibited by traditional affinity or HIC media alone.

Affinity chromatography is widely employed to separate and purify biomacromolecules such as peptides, proteins, antibodies, and nucleic acids. The separation and purification occur due to specific interaction between ligands or antigens covalently attached to the surface of affinity chromatography media and the biomacromolecules even from complex biological mixtures such as cell and tissue lysates.

It is possible that for certain biomacromolecules, current off-the-shelf affinity chromatography media is suboptimal or unavailable. Thus, customizable affinity chromatography media may facilitate the coupling of specific ligands or antigens.

NanoPak-M Multimodal Media Epoxy Activated are available in two particle sizes – 10 μm and 40μm with tunable pore size.

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