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Meet Millennial Scientific at PittCon 2020 Booth #1219

Millennial Scientific will showcase a range of new products for pharmaceutical separation and purification at the Pittcon Conference and Expo 2020 in Chicago, Illinois, March 2 – 5, the world’s largest conference for laboratory science.

It will launch its innovative high-performance all-carbon high-performance stationary phase materials. Customers of these products including analytical teams working in life science, biochemical, industrial, nutritional safety, environmental, agricultural, process engineering, academic and governmental organizations. The pharmaceutical industry is the major user of these products accounting for nearly 50% of the overall market.

The technology will attract customers whose analysis requirements fall outside the capabilities of current silica- (Hydrophobic alkyl chains typically comprising of 18 carbon atoms (C18) bonded to silica support) or graphitic carbon-based columns as well as those who are seeking faster more efficient analysis at a lower cost.

The products will also benefit customers seeking next-generation performance capabilities for separation of structurally similar compounds, biologics, biobetters or biosimilars. Molecules would include geometric isomers and diastereoisomers (e.g., chiral drugs such as thalidomide), biogenic (e.g., catecholamines or other hormones that are modulated in many neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer Disease). Macromolecules include structurally similar compounds (e.g., hemoglobin variants in sickle cell anemia) and many drug metabolites (e.g., glucuronide in opioid metabolites) and drugs of abuse (e.g., cannabis)."

For more information, please visit Millennial Scientific's booth #1219 during Pittcon 2020.

About Millennial Scientific.

Millennial Scientific leverages its proprietary Nano-Materials and manufacturing processes to develop next-generation nano-products for purification, and pharmaceutical delivery, serving underserved or unserved Life and Bio Science market segments. We partner and collaborate to create customized solutions that solve existing pain points or add value to customers within and outside the Life and BioScience space.

For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter @mlnscientific and use our hashtag #milsci.

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