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NanoPak-C Flash Columns

NanoPak-C Flash Columns

  • Features include:

- Spherical mechanically robust graphite microbeads with 40 um diameter, optimal size               

   distribution, and high surface area.

- The media is 100% water compatible. 

- The media is pH stable, ranging from 1-14, and temperature stable up to 200◦C, facilitating robust       high throughput consistent separation.

-  Reusable and recyclable materials that promote sustainability. 

  • Quantity - 1
  • Reverse phase media. Columns packed with all carbon microbead of 40 µm average diameter.
  • Carbon Source is Natural Graphite.
  • Packaging: Prefilled in autoclavable plastic columns.
  • Custom Flash columns All-carbon stationary phase media synthesized using other carbon sources such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon black, and activated carbon Available. Please inquire.

Key Features

Benefits to Customers

excellent pH, chemical and thermal stability

•Reduces workflow time, solvent consumption

•Can be cleaned & sanitized with alkaline washes & reused

Porous carbon network - Allows reverse phase separation of large  molecules, highly polar &  closely related  structures at extreme pHs

•Facilitates better purification of nuisance compounds &  impurities improving quality control  & regulatory compliance


•enables affinity & specificity to target molecules or biomolecules

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