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NanoPak-M Multimodal Bulk Media Epoxy Activated

NanoPak-M Multimodal Bulk Media Epoxy Activated

  • Novel spherical natural graphite microbeads with epoxide functional groups.
  • Enables customized stationary phase media for multimodal affinity separation and purification.
  • Facilitates separation and purification of biomacromolecules for pharmaceutical and diagnostics research and development applications.
  • Carbon spherical microbeads synthesized using other carbon sources such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon black, and activated carbon available. Please inquire.
  • Contact us for bulk pricing.

Key Features

Benefits to Customers


• Can be coupled with a variety of ligands include groups with terminal amine, carboxyl, hydroxyl, thionyl groups.

• Can be coupled with a variety of macromolecules including protein A, StrepTactin, Subsilisin, and immunoglobins.

• Allows affinity & specificity to target molecules or biomolecules

• Accelerates discovery  & development of drug pipeline.

Allow Multimodal Chromatography - Porous Carbon Network allows reverse phase separation at extreme pHs

• Facilitates better purification of analytes and removal of nuisance compounds &  impurities improving quality control  & regulatory compliance

Uniquely Bioinert Properties -  Increases column stability & durability at all pHs & high temperatures (up to 125°C)

• Reduces workflow time, solvent consumption

• Can be cleaned & sanitized with alkaline washes & reused

Fully scalable

• Suitable for solid-phase extraction sample preparation to analytical & preparative chromatography

•Reduces costs in operations & maintenance due to improved  productivity & reduction in consumables


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