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NanoPak-C All Carbon Reverse Phase Bulk Media

NanoPak-C All Carbon Reverse Phase Bulk Media

  • COVID 19 Research Material for RNA extraction
  • Novel spherical all-carbon microparticle synthesized using natural graphite
  • Applications include stationary phase media for solid phase extraction 
  • Contact us for bulk pricing
  • Custom all-carbon spherical microparticles synthesized using other carbon sources such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon black, and activated carbon available. Please inquire

Microbead Average Diameter

Particle Size Distribution


40-60 µm

40% of Average Diameter

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Sample Preparation for Liquid and Gas Chromatography

Key Features

Benefits to Customers

Porous Carbon Network allows reverse phase separation of large  molecules, highly polar and  closely related  structures at extreme pHs

• Accelerates Discovery  and development of drug pipeline.

• Facilitates Better Purification of nuisance compounds and  impurities improving quality control  & regulatory compliance

Uniquely Bioinert properties  

      increases column stability and

      durability at all pHs and high

      temperatures (up to 90°C)

• Reduces workflow time, solvent consumption

• Can be cleaned and sanitized with alkaline washes and reused

Fully scalable

• Suitable for solid phase extraction sample preparation to analytical and preparative chromatography

• Reduces Costs in operations and maintenance due to improved  productivity and reduction in consumables


• Allows affinity and specificity to target molecules or biomolecules.


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