Empty Maxi-Clean SPE Columns With Caps

Empty Maxi-Clean SPE Columns With Caps

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- COVID 19 Research & Testing Consumable

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Key Features

Benefits to Customers

Flexible Elution


• Can be attached to a syringe to elute the analyte anywhere - directly into an injection valve, or receiver vessels

• Can be connected to a needle to elute directly through a septa or sealing mat

Stackable in Series

• Combine column with two different media in series for 1 complex extraction

• Each column can be eluted separately 

Interface Inline with Different Columns or Filters

• Connect via Luer Connections to Filters, other SPE Columns, or In-line Systems to Remove Contaminants and Particulates

Change  Sample Volume without changing media Bed Weight

• Change Input Reservoir As Needed to Fit Sample Size

Sterile and autoclavable

• Permits use in aseptic environments

DNase, RNase & Pyrogen free

• Prevents risk of contamination errors

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