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NanoPak-C High Performance LC, Semi-Prep & Prep

NanoPak-C High Performance LC, Semi-Prep & Prep


• Columns packed with microbead stationary phase media of 10 µm or 40 µm average diameter.

• Carbon Source is Natural Graphite. Custom all-carbon stationary phase media synthesized using other carbon sources such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon black, and activated carbon Available. Please inquire.

• Packaging: Bulk Bagged in a Corrugated Box.

Key Features Benefits to Customers

Porous Carbon Network - Allows separation of large  molecules, highly polar &  closely related structures at  extreme pHs

• Facilitates efficient separation & purification of large molecules, highly polar & closely related structures improving scale up outcomes

• Accelerates pilot & full-scale manufacturing

Uniquely Bioinert Properties -   

      Increases column stability &

      durability at all pHs & high 

      temperatures (up to 90°C)

• Reduces workflow time, solvent consumption

• Reduces costs in operations & maintenance due to improved  productivity & reduction in consumables

• Can be cleaned & sanitized with alkaline washes & reused

Fully Scalable

• Suitable for sample preparation, analytical & preparative chromatography


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