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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do we order your products? For detailed information on any product, its application, & pricing, please visit or contact us at

Which are your top markets & customers?

Pharmaceutical & Biologics manufacturers and CROs; Food & Beverage; Forensics and Environmental testing labs; Academia & Government Institutions

What sets NanoPak-C apart?

NanoPak-C’s product features, customer benefits, and underlying manufacturing technology sets it apart. You can read about it here

Why All-Carbon?

All Carbon stationary phase materials’ differentiated characteristics provide unique benefits to separation science. This blog elaborates further:

What are your core products?

We offer products for entire drug discovery R&D and manufacturing workflow. These products include bulk media, solid phase extraction, flash, analytical, and preparative chromatograph products. Please click here for our current product offerings

Can the NanoPak-C products be customized?

Yes. We partner and collaborate to create customized solutions. We elaborate here:

Can your products be upscaled?

Yes. We offer products for process scale sample preparation and chromatography. Please check here:

What are the features of NanoPak-C All Carbon microbeads?

pH stability 0-14; Temperature stability up to 200°C; Tunable particle size, pore size & porosity; Functionalizable; Fully scalable from analytical to prep. You can read about it here:
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