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Below we provide information on critical products needed for extraction, separation and purification of
viral RNA during SARS-CoV-2 testing as per current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) recommendations. Information is also provided on how our products and services could
advance COVID-19 research.


Virus Testing

Virus testing involves nasopharyngeal or other swab-based specimens collection
followed by the following four steps that can be changed depending on the sample and downstream
detection: (a) virus disruption; (b) digestion and removal membrane lipids, proteins, and, (c) viral RNA
purification; and (iv) viral RNA concentration.

Modern clinical virology laboratory offer a number of services such as tests rapid antigen
testing, serology or molecular diagnostics. Our catalogue offers products that meet the needs of small to
large virology laboratories, including:
Stationary Phase Materials for Nucleic Acid Extraction, Separation, & Purification
Ancillary Lab Supplies and Consumables

COVID 19 Research

Researchers are currently engaged in scientific projects that cover viral natural
history, pathogenicity, transmission, as well as projects developing medical countermeasures and
suitable animal models for pre-clinical testing of vaccines and therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-

Our scientists are closely engaging researchers to supply state-of-art advanced materials and
manufacturing facility as well as coordinating with our partners to provide the necessary reagents,
consumables and supplies to advance critical research objectives.

Products Available
Chromatography Solutions
Liquid Handling

Covid 19 Upcoming Products

Learn about our pipeline of mRNA extraction products and lab consumables

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