Frits for SPE Columns, 20 µm Average Pore Size

Frits for SPE Columns, 20 µm Average Pore Size

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Key Features

Benefits to Customers


Optimal fit on all popular SPE Columns from most leading brands (Agilent, Thermo Labsystems)

Unbreakable, non-toxic, inert to biological fluids and most acids.

Eliminates or mitigates hazardous exposure due to broken glass or chemical or biochemical.

Smooth hydrophobic surface

Ensures low liquid retention and reduces the loss of cells and proteins or other biomacromolecules

High surface transparency and graduations marks

Easy visual checks of the volume to aid error-free pipetting


Permits use in aseptic environments

DNase, RNase & Pyrogen free

Prevents risk of contamination errors

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