* Disclaimer:  Our products and technologies are currently not available for clinical use. FDA or other regulatory agencies have not evaluated the statements on this website regarding our products and technologies. 

About Millennial Scientific

Millennial Materials and Devices Inc. is an advanced material and manufacturing company focused on high-performance, multifunctional, nanotechnology-enabled products, and solutions. It is situated at the Long Island High Technology Incubator (LIHTI), Stony Brook, New York.

It is well-positioned to expand the capabilities of its highly differentiated materials and manufacturing technology due to its:

  • Core Competencies: Materials, tools and methods at the interface of nanotechnology and biomedical science and engineering

  • A strong IP portfolio: The company has unique proprietary technology related to composition, methods of manufacturing and uses of our novel structures.

  • Experienced executive team with deep domain knowledge and a proven track record of success..